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Thank You for Sending Me to Camp

One morning in July, a reluctant Sheepfold mom took her 8 year-old son to the Royal Family Kids Camp drop off location. He got on a bus and rode up to the mountain as a regular 8 year-old boy with some anxieties about camp and no friends to lean on.

Five days later he came back down that mountain a man — well not exactly, but he did come back from camp with more confidence; full of stories about his new friends, his counselor and all the adventures he had while away. Swimming, shooting bows and arrows and enjoying smores to name a few! He encountered Jesus in a new way up at camp, in a way that has brought him more peace and self assurance in Christ. Mom was so excited to welcome her little man home; and while he still has a lot of growing to do, he definitely came back a little taller.

"The fun time about camp, I played archery and we did sandcastles and then we went to lunch and then we had 30/30 (break time) and then we got to go to the pool. I'll never forget archery and the polar bear swim! Thank you for sending me to camp!"

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