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  • I am grateful for The Sheepfold, its founder and all those who continue to support and work in this ministry. Without you, I don’t know where I would be.

    Elizabeth | Sheepfold Resident
  • Depressed and scared, The Sheepfold provided the encouragement and love [my daughter and I] needed.

    Debbie | Sheepfold Resident
  • I was trapped in a marriage my children were witnessing. I've been at The Sheepfold a month and a half, and every day is a blessing.

    Margaret | Sheepfold Resident
  • I hated my life and felt sorrow for my children. At the shelter, I was able to get through the abuse in my past, forgive and really trust the Lord.

    Stacia | Sheepfold Resident
  • I came to The Sheepfold straight from prison. I had a six month old girl at the time. Thank you God and thank you Sheepfold for believing in me.

    Lisa | Sheepfold Resident
  • Thanks to The Sheepfold for a second chance.

    Stacy | Sheepfold Resident
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