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A Brand New Life: Stacy’s Story

When I first came to The Sheepfold my state of mind was in chaos, my thoughts were scattered, and I had low self-esteem as well as a torn and brokenhearted spirit. My faith was shot. My soul was deeply wounded. I had many issues to deal with, things from my past that I never dealt with before. I felt so far from the Lord. I couldn't even smile. I hated my life and felt great sorrow for my children.

At the shelter I was able to renew my faith in Jesus Christ. Through all the Bible studies and church services, in addition to the caring and kind direction and advice from the House Managers, I was able to have a good cry, sort out my thoughts and seek the Lord's help. I concentrated on prayer and found a goal for my life and for my children's future. I was able to get through the abuse I had experienced in the past and forgive, really trusting the Lord. My little daughter has learned who Jesus is, and learned how to pray. She has come out of her shell and has a humble, beautiful spirit. My son Bejamin was born in peace here. I am grateful to the Lord to have such a haven of rest to have my bundle of joy in. Now it's time for us to move on and I'm leaving The Sheepfold with a renewed heart, mind and stronger spirit.

I am grateful the Lord was able to give peace and direction for my future, knowing how important it is to constantly pray and study His word... not just to know it, but to live it. Thank you Miss Mandy, Miss Robette and Miss Inez.

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