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Christmas Gift Registry/Suggestions

Christmas is a time of celebration here at the Sheepfold!

This year we are doing a gift registry (click the Bed Bath & Beyond link below) to provide more opportunities for you to give:

Bed Bath & Beyond  

Here are a few Gift Suggestions for our Moms and Children ages: infant, toddler, school age (5-12) and teen girls

• Clothing and accessories for women (all sizes including plus sizes)
• Beauty and hairstyling products and accessories
• Shoes for women (all sizes)
• Clothing for girls and boys (all sizes)
• Clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers
• Shoes for children (all sizes)
• Clothing for teen girls (all sizes)
• Popular children's toys (all ages)
• Outdoor toys
Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards, and appropriate protective gear
• Electronics
Educational toys, gaming consoles for the shelters, DS and games rated E for Wii/PS4/DS 
• Gift Cards
Target, Kohl's, Walmart, Grocery Store, Costco, Gas Cards, Amazon, Home Depot
• Tickets/Activities
Amusement Parks, Sports Events, Movie Tickets
• Shelter Specific Gifts
DVDS (G or PG), Children's books, Bibles, Devotional Books
• Household Items
Kitchen and Bath Linens, Bedding & Pillows (twin size), Kitchen Essentials, Kitchen Essentials, Highchairs, and Umbrella Strollers 

Please Note:

• We request NEW items because these are gifts.

• Please bring gifts UNWRAPPED. Gift bags OK. We need to see each gift, therefore, we will need to unwrap any wrapped gifts please don't waste your paper.

• We will receive gifts starting Tuesday, NOVEMBER 28th, Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 4 PM. (Gifts are also welcome earlier.)

• All gifts will be received at The Sheepfold office: Please call for the address 714-237-1444

• Gift Drop-off DEADLINE: Friday, DECEMBER 7th (So we have time to sort, wrap and distribute before Christmas.)

• Wrapping supplies, boxes and ribbon are appreciated.

As part of our stewardship accounting we are required to record every new item donated to The Sheepfold.
It would be a great help if those who bring gifts would kindly include a list of the items costs, or copy of your register receipt.

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