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Making an Eternal Difference

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your love and interest for the women and children that God has brought to this ministry to be restored and renewed in His spirit. So many wonderful things are witnessed here and we invite you to witness His love being poured out to these widows and fatherless children.

Hello, welcome you to the Sheepfold family. Below you will find volunteer opportunities that may match your God given gifts.

If you'd like to take the next step in volunteering at The Sheepfold, please fill out the Volunteer Online Form.

Description of Volunteer Opportunities:

Saturday Nights

6:30PM – 8:00PM   (First-step in Volunteering) 

"Saturaday Nights" is a time when the women and children from all of our locations come together for fellowship and support.

This night also welcomes past residents to come and participate, keeping them connected and in community if they choose to be. 

We meet regualrly with some Holiday exceptions. 

Volunteers arrive at 6:30 pm for a briefing, and then from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. the women go to their support group and the children stay with the volunteers. Fun games and creative crafts are scheduled for the children.

Volunteers needed for childcare: infants, preschoolers, and crafts for children ages 6 to 12. This is a great opportunity for small youth groups and families to serve together and for high school and college students needing hours.

If you are or you know a woman who struggles with abuse issues and could benefit from an evening similar to this please call the office for details.


Work with a child individually focusing on his/her academics, helping them excel in their education. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with one or more of the children, showing them the joy of learning.

Tutors needed afternoons and evenings, opportunities available through out the week based on location and resident population. 

Resale Boutique

This is a wonderful opportunity for groups and individuals to serve together at our resale boutique in the city of Orange. The duties include moving merchandise from the back of the warehouse to the front of the store, cleaning and organizing the aisles and clothing racks. 

Little Lambs*

This is a time for volunteers to come and assists in caring for the children while their mothers are in bible study. Various activities and crafts are done at this time. It is a great way to love on the children and support their moms as they learn about Jesus' love! 

Opportunities available through out the week based on location and resident population. Contact Volunteer coordinator for more details. 

Other "Professional Volunteer" Opportunities...

If you have a profession or trade that you would like to use to serve the ministry please contact our Volunteer Coordinator and she will point you in the right direction. Here are some examples: (this list is not complete, please feel free to contact us with any questions) Lawyers, Dentists, Optometrists, Doctors, Estheticians, Piano Teachers, Art Teachers, Chefs, Nutritionist, Yoga/Streching Teachers, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artists, Videographers, Photographers... 

Group Work Days

Bring your church group, high school group or college group to work together at one of our shelter homes, resale boutique or our Saturday Night event.

Welcome Baskets

Bless our women and children with a basket filled with hope, devotions, body care and goodies to encourage and make them feel special.

* Mandatory Background Checks

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