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March 2018

Beauty from Ashes


Have you ever seen a beautiful Crochet blanket and thought about all the work and heartache that goes into it? For the women at Sheepfold, crocheting represents the process of healing from God in their lives; making something beautiful come from the ashes of their past.


God has blessed us with wonderful volunteers who make our families feel valued by knowing there are many who want to invest in their lives. I have had the privilege of seeing the impact of one of our volunteers, Catherine, who teaches our moms how to knit and crochet. The mothers who enter our program are coming from situations of distress. Catherine creates an environment for healing by demonstrating God’s love, through her mother’s heart, for these women. She allows them the space to make mistakes, while showing them patience and explaining the same stitches countless times.


The process of being allowed to make mistakes and being met with patience and acceptance is healing for them. They see their finished work turn into something beautiful despite the imperfections. The time of fellowship is also a healing experience for many of our moms because they have not been exposed to a positive motherly role model, or they may feel the absence of their own mother who is far away.


The blankets they create represent their journey at Sheepfold. Our moms are met by God’s love and grace, after much pain, to discover who they are in Christ—beautifully made. After their hope is restored, they leave as strong and independent women.


- Amanda, House Manager



1 bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

- Isaiah 61:3



War Binders...

As I was looking for a 2018 planner, I came across something called a War Binder. It is a binder you customize for the time you spend with God. For example, you make tabs specific for you, like my War Binder has 8 tabs and a calendar/planner. I have tabs for devotionals, sermon notes, Bible study, scripture writing, gratitude and praise, prayer, answered prayer and Bible reading.


Since I made my War Binder I have grown a lot closer to God, it has helped me to stay focused and in touch with God all throughout my day. I take it everywhere with me. I felt as though God put it in my heart to make a binder for all the moms at Sheepfold, however, I myself was a mom at Sheepfold, and couldn’t purchase all the needed items on my own.


One day I was talking to my boss, from On the Spot Construction, about the binders and how I felt that God put it on my heart but I couldn’t afford to do it. He asked me to explain to him what a War Binder was. He then said that he would purchase everything we needed to make them as well as buy food for the day that we choose to make them. So he purchased all the supplies, we set up a date, and all the moms were able to get together and make a War Binder for themselves.


It was a beautiful time spent together making our personal binders. Each mom was so thankful for the generosity of this gift and for what it meant in helping to further their relationship with God.


- Destiny, Sheepfold Graduate



The Son of man will come in glory, and then He will repay every man for what he has done.

- Matthew 16:27

Sheepfold Boutique


Shop or donate new and gently used goods at:


Sheepfold Boutique

810 N. Tustin St.

Orange, CA 92867

Disney On Ice


A few weeks ago wonderful donors generously blessed us with 10 tickets to Disney On Ice! It was the perfect amount of tickets to take all of our families from one of our second step facilities. All of the moms knew where we were going and planned to surprise their girls. It was a great surprise! The youngest to the oldest loved watching some of their favorite characters come to life right before their eyes. One little girl had been praying she could see Elsa skate on the ice and she got to—what a blessing!


It was a special treat, one these moms wouldn’t have been able to provide on their own. It was also a great reminder for them of how much God truly loves them beyond their needs. We thank all of our donors who make moments like these possible. We couldn’t do this without your support.


- Kelly, Director of Operations





Tamales, Tamales, Tamales


There is something magical about cooking together. Recently I joined the residents and staff at one of our homes to learn how to make tamales. We had masa, red chili chicken, green chili with cheese, and strawberry fillings. Unlike most tamale prep parties, no one had actually made tamales before. In fact, most of the women do not know each other very well. What we had in common was a longing for community and the desire to start a new tradition.


I wish you could have watched the boundaries fall down in the room as a table of women talked, giggled, and smiled their way through the community effort. We were so proud of our efforts that we took photos of our trays of tamales. Truth be told, the masa was too wet and the ratios were all wrong but it was one of my favorite memories and will continue to be a tradition for my family. Just another reminder that it is more about the process than the outcome.


- Carley, Shelter Supervisor




Your First Gift Matched —
Dollar for Dollar!

Thank you to all of you who have supported Sheepfold over the years with your time, talent, and treasure. 2017 brought so many blessings to the Sheepfold including two new facilities—a new home for our families and our new resale Boutique are now fully operational. In addition, all our families have ongoing needs that Sheepfold provides through your gifts.


Have you ever considered giving and felt like it might not make a difference? EVERY GIFT HELPS OUR FAMILIES—no matter the amount! In the spirit of stewardship and support for the ministry, the Sheepfold Board of Directors has created a fund of $62,000 to match “dollar for dollar” any first time gift to the Sheepfold. Every gift counts, no matter the size, and with this matching fund, your FIRST GIFT IS DOUBLED! A $20 gift becomes $40, $100 becomes $200—until the $62,000 matching fund runs out.


We make giving easy by visiting our Give Tab at or use the enclosed envelope. Thank YOU for your generosity and heart to serve the families of the Sheepfold. We are so grateful for our family of donors and we’re excited for you to join us. We could not do this without all of you.


- John Wildman, Executive Director
- Janice Munemitsu, Board of Directors



Giving to The Sheepfold


If you are considering The Sheepfold for your year-end giving, you may donate online at


Thank You!


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is the respected organization that audits non-profit corporations on a yearly basis to verify that all donations were recorded properly and were used for the purpose for which they were given, and requires a full financial statement for supervision by The Sheepfold Board of Directors monthly.


Membership in the ECFA is only granted to non-profit corporations who meet their rigid standards. We are proud of our long-standing membership in this organization.


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Fran Lundquist, Founder
The Sheepfold

Board of Directors

John Wildman, President/Executive Director

The Sheepfold

Jeff Abbott, BBL Group Chair
BBL Forum

Tim Blied, Law Partner

Schmiesing, Blied, Stoddart & Machey
Secty., The Sheepfold

Bob Brumleu, President

Omni Duct Systems

Marie Sackett, Program Director/Finance

Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Chris Hite, Partner

Coreland Companies

Rick McCarthy, Chair/Principal BBL Forum

CPA, McCarthy & Associates

Janice Munemitsu

Generous Giving Field Team

Bruce Bartolomeo

Retired Business Owner

Victoria Botka Williams

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