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July 2017

Starting Over


Coming to the Sheepfold in December was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. How could I run away from a marriage and the life I had for so many years, and just start over and do it on my own? How would that even be possible? How would the kids feel about leaving, would they hate me for taking them away from their life? Was I even making the right choice by leaving my abusive marriage? Did I try hard enough?


These were all the questions going on in my head back in December. The first few days and even weeks at the Sheepfold were overwhelming. Everyone was so nice and caring, but the truth was I didn’t know these people and this wasn’t my home. Then there was the whole God thing and Bible study. I said to myself, “How could God be real if he let me and my kids’ lives turn out this way? How could there really be a God?”


But slowly, as the ladies of Sheepfold talked to me, I started to pay attention. I started to learn from the Bible studies and understand more. I started to open my heart to God and have faith in Him. As I saw how happy and at peace my kids were, I realized what a blessing and how amazing this program was. It is not easy at times — but neither is life.


I truly love Christina and Belinda (House Managers) for everything they have done for me, especially the many talks when I just needed to talk. I was baptized Sunday because I’m truly ready to have faith in God and let Him into my life. Sheepfold has brought me closer to God. Plus, I learned there are compassionate people in this world. Before, I thought I couldn’t make it and there wasn’t hope, now I know there is — and I can.


I’m so happy my kids and I are a part of this Sheepfold family. At the beginning I never thought this would be a home but it truly is. I smile every day because today, right now, we are truly blessed. We will never go back to the past life, our new life is greater, and it’s only the beginning. I still have so much to learn, but Sheepfold has helped me start the journey; now I talk more and cry more (thanks Christina), but now they are tears of joy. My kids and I are closer than we have ever been and I’m excited for our future together. Thank you Lord, for providing Sheepfold, its staff, its supporters, and all who make this program possible.


- Amie, Sheepfold Resident



You were wearied by all your ways, but you would not say, ‘It is hopeless.’ You found renewal of your strength, and so you did not faint.

- Isaiah 57:10


Mentors Make a Difference to Sheepfold Kids!

A big Thank You to all our Sheepfold Mentors. Here are a few stories showing how some of our mentors spend quality time with our kids.


If you are interested in mentoring a Sheepfold kid, please contact Sarah, our Volunteer Coordinator at:


When difficult times arose in my own life, I can remember how comforting it was to have someone by my side to help me through. Being able to be that someone for others is what I feel the Lord is calling me to at this point in my life.


I have had the pleasure of establishing relationships with some of the boys who have resided at Sheepfold over the past few years. Sharing my love for our Lord and making them aware of how precious their moms are, and how they should respect their moms.


It was an absolute joy to share a week at “Royal Family Kids’ Camp” with four children from the Sheepfold home last summer. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.


May God continue to bless the Sheepfold.


Serving Him together,


Being a mentor at the Sheepfold is an opportunity for me to provide a positive male influence for a child that does not have that in their life.


As it turns out, it is also an opportunity for me to grow and develop personally. Every interaction I’ve had whether it is with a child, a mother or a Sheepfold employee, has helped me mature as an individual.


While it is easy to get caught-up in my day-to-day living with the hustles of work, traffic, etc. The interactions at Sheepfold constantly remind me that there is a lot in life to be cherished.


I highly recommend to anybody that is considering mentoring at the Sheepfold, to take the plunge and follow your heart. You will not regret it.


- Jeremy



Graham came to the house today to teach the kids some cooking skills and was just precious! He was so gentle, kind, patient and gracious with our kiddos. He let them all pitch in and help with the preparations.


The moms were in shock with how “into it” and involved the kids were. Graham did a great job of holding their attention.


- Sheepfold House Manager


Maria and her daughter, Jazi, mentor Emma, one of our Sheepfold kids. Jazi and Emma are both 8 years old. Maria and Jazi have been mentoring Emma for over a year, as Emma and her family completed First Step and moved to our Second Step program.


Maria: I enjoy mentoring, and bringing my daughter with me. I like seeing Jazi and Emma become friends and play together. I also like that they have things in common they can bond over. I really like that Jesus uses my daughter and I to impact a family’s life by just playing together.


Jazi: I love I am there for her and that I get to play with her and do fun things with her.


From mother, Stephanie & Emma: I'm so thankful that my daughter has a mentor. Before she would say things like “No one wants to be my friend.” or “No one likes me.” Now she knows that she does have a friend. It's boosted her ability to make friends and to have a better self-perspective.



Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.

- Mark 9:37

Sheepfold Boutique


Shop or donate new and gently used goods at:


Sheepfold Boutique

810 N. Tustin St.

Orange, CA 92867


Thank You!!!


I want to say Thank You Sheepfold and all the wonderful donors who help this ministry - for the wonderful blessing of this car!


My life is completely changed since coming to Sheepfold. I regained my license, have a beautiful apartment here, no debt and a new job I love. Now, this car is the icing on my cake!


I know God is guiding and blessing me. He guided me here and in each step along the way. Thank you, Jesus!


I am forever grateful.


- Shannon, Sheepfold Resident


Your donation of a vehicle in good working order could be a life-changing gift to one of our Residents.
Contact us at 888.SHEEPFOLD.


Giving to The Sheepfold


If you are considering The Sheepfold for your year-end giving, you may donate online at


Thank You!


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is the respected organization that audits non-profit corporations on a yearly basis to verify that all donations were recorded properly and were used for the purpose for which they were given, and requires a full financial statement for supervision by The Sheepfold Board of Directors monthly.


Membership in the ECFA is only granted to non-profit corporations who meet their rigid standards. We are proud of our long-standing membership in this organization.


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