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December 2018

Jamie’s Story...


I can’t place my finger on what was particularly different about the day I decided to leave the relationship I was in. It had been going from bad to worse for well over a year, but for some reason that day I felt a strong conviction that I needed to leave, and it needed to be now.


I spent most of that morning battling through my anxiety, I finally surrendered and made a difficult phone call to my dad to ask if I could come back home. He agreed that I needed to leave immediately (and probably should have left long before), but he was clear that I couldn’t live with him. I needed to be the one to sort through the consequences. My dad had just enough money to purchase a motel room for us for one week, so I left. The next day he gave me the Sheepfold’s phone number and told me he had saved the number for 3 years, waiting for me to decide that I was ready to leave the life I was living. That week I interviewed at the Sheepfold and was accepted into their program. I cannot tell you the relief I felt, knowing that I had somewhere safe to bring my daughter.


Leaving my situation didn’t come without its challenges and very quickly I began questioning why I had left. The first two weeks were the most difficult, I was sorting through so many emotions which all seemed to conflict. I also struggled with feeling worthy of the help I was receiving. I felt both relief and guilt simultaneously. Relief for the outstretched hand I had been given and guilt for reaching out and accepting it. Each day I mentally had to refuse to go back to what was familiar.


I made the choice to stay and seek God first, despite these feelings. I had been baptized as a child and had grown up in a faith-based home, but I felt I needed to make the decision as an adult to be accountable to God, so I took a step of faith and was baptized again. Through nightly Bible Studies (yes, it took having them every single night), I began to accept the fact that God wants me just as I am. Around the 2nd month of my stay, my emotions began to stabilize, as I noticed a difference in myself and my daughter.


My time at Sheepfold has given me the opportunity to get to know my daughter for who she really is—bright, brave, inquisitive and affectionate. My outward appearance and outlook on life have changed. I feel rooted in God. I’ve learned that God’s timing is perfect, and His way is always the best way. I feel confident in His strength and ability to lead me. I know that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. I now know that Sheepfold was more than a second chance for me, it was part of His plan for my daughter’s and my life.


- Jamie, Sheepfold Resident




For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has made his light shine in our hearts.

- 2 Corinthians 4:6



Excitement for Christmas is Building...


Christmas preparations at Sheepfold are underway. Volunteers appear from everywhere. Fire trucks flashing brightly, delivering gifts and tossing the football around with our kiddos.


Families and Church groups hosting Christmas tree decorating parties and sharing stories of the first Christmas and our Savior’s birth. Volunteers of all ages taking time out of their busy schedules to help wrap Christmas gifts for the moms and kids. Individuals, businesses and churches collecting and delivering gifts for our residents. Christmas caroling group singing Christmas songs and enjoying hot chocolate with our families.


The list goes on. Your generosity goes a long way in providing the best Christmas for our families. Many of you contribute in special ways that exemplify a Christ centered Christmas.


A song was heard at Christmas, to wake the midnight sky,

A Savior’s birth, and peace on earth, and praise to God on high.

The angels sing at Christmas, with all the hosts above,

And still we sing, the newborn King, His glory and His love.

- Timothy Dudley-Smith

Sheepfold Boutique


Shop or donate new and gently used goods at:


Sheepfold Boutique

810 N. Tustin St.

Orange, CA 92867

Shelter Needs


We greatly appreciate all of your expressions of love by donating Christmas gifts for our moms and kids.


Here are a few Gift Suggestions for our Moms and Children (Ages: infant, toddler, school age 5-12, and teen girls)


  • Clothing and accessories for women (all sizes including plus sizes)
  • Beauty and hairstyling products and accessories
  • Shoes for women (all sizes)
  • Clothing for girls and boys (all sizes)
  • Clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers
  • Shoes for children (all sizes)
  • Clothing for teen girls (all sizes)
  • Popular children’s toys (all ages)
  • Outdoor toys: Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards (and protective gear)
  • Electronics: Educational toys, gaming consoles for the shelters, DS and Games rated E for Wii/PS4/DS
  • Gift Cards: Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, Grocery Store, Costco, Gas, Amazon, Home Depot
  • Tickets/Activities: Amusement Parks, Sports Events, Movie Tickets
  • Shelter-specific Gifts: DVDs (G or PG), Children’s Books, Bibles, Devotional Books
  • Household Items: Linens, Bedding (twin size), Home Décor, Kitchen Essentials, Highchairs, Umbrella Strollers


More specific items are listed on our Gift Registry at:

Please Note:

  • We request NEW items because these are gifts.
  • Please bring gifts UNWRAPPED. Gift bags OK. We need to see each gift, therefore, we will need to unwrap any wrapped gifts.
  • We will receive gifts starting Wednesday, November 28th, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. (Gifts are also welcome earlier.)
  • All gifts will be received at The Sheepfold office: Call 714-237-1444 or email for directions.
  • Gift Drop-off DEADLINE: Friday, December 7th (So we have time to sort, wrap, and distribute before Christmas.)
  • Wrapping supplies, boxes, and ribbon are appreciated.


As part of our stewardship accounting we are required to record every new item donated to The Sheepfold. It would be a great help if those who bring gifts would kindly include a list of the item’s cost, or a copy of your register receipt.

Groups or Companies

If you, your church group, or company would like to adopt a family, please call our office for more information at 714-237-1444, or email


If you desire to give larger items other than listed above, you may call the office at 714-237-1444 for suggestions.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Volunteers


Looking for volunteers who are available :


Monday–Friday (starting December 4th)


Available shifts:

9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. OR 1:00-4:00 p.m.


Come and be part of the excitement by sorting and wrapping gifts for the women and children, beginning Tuesday, December 4th, 2018.


Call Sarah at (714) 237-1444 or email for more information.


Giving to The Sheepfold


If you are considering the Sheepfold for your year-end giving, please donate on our website at:


Or, you may text the dollar amount you would like to donate to (714) 942-5560 and follow the prompts.


Thank you for your generosity!


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is the respected organization that audits non-profit corporations on a yearly basis to verify that all donations were recorded properly and were used for the purpose for which they were given, and requires a full financial statement for supervision by The Sheepfold Board of Directors monthly.


Membership in the ECFA is only granted to non-profit corporations who meet their rigid standards. We are proud of our long-standing membership in this organization.

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